Meetings & Nets


  • General Meetings:
    2nd Friday of each month,
    7pm at Derrel’s Mini Storage
    on Ashland just East of Valentine – Google Map
    (Except for 3 months a year for the Club Picnic, Swap Meet, and Christmas Dinner – always check most recent Skip)
  • Board Meetings:
    1st Tuesday of each month
    Location & Time TBA on the Membership Net


  • Morning Drive Time Net
    Weekday mornings from 7:30 to 8:00am
    W6TO Repeaters
  • Fresno/Madera 10m Net
    Wednesday nights starting at 8pm
    28.445Mhz USB
  • Membership NetDownload Net Script
    Sunday nights at 7:00pm
    W6TO Repeaters

Central & Northern CA VHF/UHF Bozo Nets:

Live Stream:

All nets are using upper sideband.  Most participants are horizontally polarized but this is not required as long as someone can hear you, you can check in.  Net control, Mike Staal K6MYC, is located near Millerton Lake but you can check-in with anyone if you are unable to reach K6MYC directly.  

  • Sunday 2m
    Net starts at 7:30pm
    144.240Mhz USB
  • Monday 1.25m
    Net starts at 7:30pm
    222.100Mhz USB
  • Monday 6m
    Net starts at 8:30pm
    50.140Mhz USB
  • Tuesday 23cm
    Net starts at 7:30pm
    1296.100Mhz USB
  • Wednesday 2m
    Net starts at 7:30pm
    144.240Mhz USB
  • Thursday 70cm
    Net starts at 7:30pm
    432.100Mhz USB