John McGraw, AE6QR

May 19th, 2013 | by K6USY |

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SK April 16, 2013

If you have been to a radio club meeting lately you would not have escaped being approached by John McGraw, AE6QR to buy a ticket or two for our fund raising raffle held at the end of each evening to win a chance at tools/flashlights/electrical tape/fasteners or what-have-you items on display.

John was born in Glendale, California but spent much of his youth in or near Roseberg, Oregon where he graduated from high school an accomplished welder and mechanic. After high school we worked for the school district in maintaince and the Caterpillar company as a diesel engine mechanic.

He joined the Air Force and ended up at Castle AFB and became a jet engine mechanic working on those B-52’s that used to be doing touch and go landings over Merced at all hours, part of the Strategic Air Command.

While still in the service he worked on his off hours repairing truck and remain there for a few years afterward.

He came to Fresno in the early 1960’s and worked for United Grocers as the fleet maintaince supervisor for about then years and then tired his hand an owning his own business, East Fresno Automotive near the corner of East Tulare and Maple streets for another ten years.

In the course of all that “mechanicking,” he got to drive buses and so learned another career in driving tour busses all over the western states and as a bonus to his employers, when the bus broke down, he could fix it.

He retired about five years ago. He is married to his wife,  Carrolyn and has two grown children.

He became interested in amateur radio because it complimented his knowledge of electricity and automotive electronics, but primarily because of a friendship with Bob Wendell, MD a benefactor of the FARC.

He got his Tech license in 1998, his General Class in 2007 and his Extra Class in 2008.

He has been on the board of directors of the club for the last four years and will be completing his term in December. His favorite aspect of ham radio is emergency services. He is a member or RACES, ARES and SATERN and frequently participates the Salvation Army field day exercise at the downtown headquarters.

Next time you are at the club meeting, say hello to John, thank him for his service, but most of all, BUY TICKETS !

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